Adding the missing elements in
today's healthcare system
Our mission is to promote patient well-being through innovative technologies in radiology. We strive for more precise diagnostics and early detection of health risks to ensure the best possible patient care. Our goal is to shape a future that focuses on prevention and individual well-being in order to make a lasting contribution to improving health and quality of life.

Floy is only at the beginning of the journey.

Foundation of Floy GmbH in Munich by Leander and Benedikt
May 2021
July 2021
€1.3m pre-seed financing from leading German investors
Certification as medical device manufacturer according to ISO 13485 (approved in 27 countries)
March 2022
July 2022
€2.1m seed funding from leading European investors
Graduation 100th Floy Partner
May 2023
November 2023
€5.4m Seed Finanzierung führender europäischer Investoren
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