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Floy doesn't sell productivity gains because they don't manifest.

Floy partners with radiology practices to provide quality-enhancing AI to patients as a self-pay service.

Floy is working on the adoption into the subject catalog of the statutory health insurances. With your help, we can open up the benefits of AI to patients today.

One in five patients choose Floy without any additional expense for your practice.

Output of the Floy sheet from registration to patient
For Floy decision: AI activation via RIS/PACS by MFA/MTR.
Consideration of the Floy result series as an appendix to the original study

Over 100 radiology facilities trust Floy.

"We are impressed with how Floy is making the use of AI a no-brainer for the first time by adding significant medical value, no relevant additional expense, and economic appeal."
Christian Wiedemeyer, M.D.
Chief Operations Officer Evidia
"Floy has already been supporting us very successfully for over a year in the sustainable optimization of our diagnostic quality. Patients have an excellent perception of Floy."
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Henzler
Chief Medical Officer RH-DT Diagnostics & Therapy
"Floy makes the use of AI both medically and economically attractive for the first time. This is the only way AI will become an industry standard!"
Prof. Dr. med. Lars Grenacher
Managing Director Conradia Munich
"We only recommend Floy's AI to our partner radiologists because they are the only ones with a profitable monetization strategy!"
Bettina Beckelmann
Beckelmann, Wolf & Partner GmbH
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